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Atlanta Weather | Record Breaking Winter Salt
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Atlanta Weather | Record Breaking Winter Salt

Winter, at least feels like it is coming to an end, but not before causing some major disruptions in the southern parts of the country, and setting record-breaking expenses for the Midwest and Northeast.

The snowy and bitter cold winter has broken seasonal maintenance expenditure records in many spots like Ohio, where they used a record breaking million tons of salts. 630,000 tons are stocked annually for an average winter in Ohio, but this year an additional 510,000 tons were use.

Even here in Atlanta, and other cities in the southeast, had to spend extra funds on salt and sand for the roads. While Northern states budget for winter weather, places like South Carolina does not, because expenses vary from year to year. Here’s a breakdown of how South Carolina had to treat their roads:

In January, 16,000 tons of salt, 132,000 gallons of liquid calcium chloride and 847,000 gallons of brine were used to clear the roadways. Two weeks later, in February, 17,000 tons of salt, 73,600 gallons of calcium chloride and 1.4 million gallons of brine were used.

We didn’t have huge snow fall or large ice amounts, but it was enough to cause major headaches. Thousands of vehicles were strewn across Atlanta highways and stuck in gridlock during the Jan. 28, 2014, winter storm, keeping motorists stranded overnight. In response, Gov. Nathan Deal declared a State of Emergency before the second storm.

While some blame the problems on the timing of the storm, others blame it on the lack of planning.

This winter has certainly left many with a different mindset when it comes to dealing with traffic and winter weather events. 

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