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Storm topples trees in Cobb County | News

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Storm topples trees in Cobb County

COBB COUNTY, Ga. -- A falling tree nearly crushed an 11-year-old boy in Cobb County early Friday.

The tree was one of five that fell on Karen Gottschalk's home during the early morning storm. Gottschalk said her son covered his head and prayed when he heard the tree crack and fall through the roof into his bedroom. She said he was saved by his bedpost.

"His face was just covered in blood," Gottschalk said. "You couldn't see one piece of skin. It was just coated in blood."

Within minutes, Gottschalk was able to get her son and daughter out of the house before four more trees came toppling down on it.

"When you look at that, there's no way -- I can't imagine how he survived," Gottschalk.

There were close calls across the city this morning as severe weather ripped through Georgia. Six different homes were reportedly hit by trees, collapsing a roof in Marietta. 

Thousands were without power and intersections went dark during the morning commute. A man in Austell totaled his car after hitting a tree in the road. His car was towed away. 

Most of the power was back on Friday, but Gottschalk's house will take months to fix, if at all. 

Gottschalk says her son got out with his life, and that's all that matters to her. 

"It was frightening, and I'll never forget the boom and I'll never forget his face," she said.

The family is trying to get an insurance adjuster out to see if they'll be able to move back in the home. However, insurance adjusters are still busy with last week's storm.