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CPC Releases Their Updated Winter Outlook | Weather

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CPC Releases Their Updated Winter Outlook
CPC Releases Their Updated Winter Outlook

The CPC has released their winter outlook and it pretty much jives with what I was thinking in my fall outlook, if you did not read that you can check it out:


Here is what the CPC is saying we can be expecting in winter based on their actual discusssion as well as their graphics. Since we are in a non El Nino pattern or as some are calling it "El Nada", our winter weather will not be influenced by the massive current in the Pacific. When we have El Nino in place, our winters are wet and cooler than normal. When we have a La Nina pattern in place we typically see a drier and warmer winter. Since this year we are at a nada in the pattern, we should have a "normal" winter. A normal winter for us is around 2-3 small shots of light snow in the metro with more in the mountains with average highs in the winter in the 50's and occasionally in the 40's. Let's face it, we live in Georgia and we just don't get that cold here.

It is because of the lack of an El Nino and the constant negative NAO we have been seeing  for the last 9 months that I think the CPC is keeping the door open for a cooler than normal winter for us. For right now they are going with "Equal Chances" for a colder or a warmer winter than average LOL!! What the heck is that for a forecast!! They are thinking that we might have a drier than average than normal winter though.

So in a nutshell, according to the CPC we will be normal for temps, but drier for rain. I think, however, that it will be a pretty cold winter!! I will have my winter forecast out in Mid October!

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