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Could We See a Blackberry Winter Next Week??? | Weather

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Could We See a Blackberry Winter Next Week???
Could We See a Blackberry Winter Next Week???

First of all for those who don't know what that is, here is the definition from wikipedia

In south & Midwest North America, Blackberry winter is a colloquial expression referring to a cold snap that often occurs in late spring when the blackberries are in bloom. Other colloquial names for spring cold snaps include "Dogwood winter," “Whippoorwill winter,” "Locust winter," and “Redbud winter.” The different names are based on what is blooming in particular regions during the typical spring cold snaps. Another colloquialism for these spring cold snaps is "Linsey-Woolsey Britches winter," referring to a type of winter long underwear which could be put away after the last cold snap. The Blackberry winter term may have arisen to describe the belief that a spring cold snap helps the blackberry canes to start growing.

Why Could This Happen?


The Pattern Has Put on the Brakes!

If you look below you will see what is called a high over low blocking pattern in the N Atlantic, what this does is it essentially blocks all the fast moving spring systems, allows them to stretch out, and move very slowly. This means that the system in the Midwest region will take several days to move through.... When this happens the threat goes from severe weather to heavy rain. Such will be the case over the weekend and into late next week when we could witness a very rare event in the Midwest. It also alows for very cold air to build and spill in behind thses systems!

Cold Air Coming!

The latest models are in and they are both suggesting that we get a major cold front in here on Thursday when our temps might not get out of the 40's. What this means for Friday morning is that a large area in the mountains might see a freeze, and parts of the metro area might see a heavy frost! Again, this is 7 days away but you might want to think twice about planting tender annuals until next weekend... Most likely the model runs will change, but this is the second day in a row we have seen this pattern for next week..

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