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The Rain Ends, the Cold Begins! | Weather

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The Rain Ends, the Cold Begins!
The Rain Ends, the Cold Begins!

All the rain is starting to come to an end and it looks like we might be stepping back a bit in temps when it comes to the weekend... At least that means no severe weather, but it does mean very cold weather!

Canadian Air Coming

After the rain comes to an end we are going to go through a very dramatic weather change, almost like they see in the Midwest! Check out the meteogram down below and you will see that yesterday's temps were in the 80's for afternoon highs, the front then comes through and we bottom out over the weekend! Temps across all of N Georgia this Saturday will be in the mid and upper 30's and there might even be some places in the mountains that could dip to the freezing mark!! We aren't the only ones though, the entire eastern 2/3 of the US will go back to march like temps. 

This cool down will be the trend all the way through the next 10 days as we will see another wave of cooler air come in next week that will keep us in the upper 60's!



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