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It's Spring, Are We Ever Going To Warm Up?? | Weather

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It's Spring, Are We Ever Going To Warm Up??
It's Spring, Are We Ever Going To Warm Up??

The image up top pretty much sums it up..... We have been well below normal for a while now, actually going all the way back to the mid to end part of January. So far for March we are sitting at an average high this time at 59.6 degrees.... We should be around 66, but for the entire month in an average we should be at 64 degrees! We are 5 degrees below the normal for March, so what gives??

Why The Cold??

There are a few reasons why and a few indicies as well. For example the NAO and the AO are both highly negative. All that means is that in the case of the AO, the polar jet is welll farther south than it should be for this time of the year! You can take a look at the GFS projection below for next week and see that the greens and blues indicate that the upper jet is very far to the south for this time of the year! The NAO being highly negative means that the north atlantic has an area of low pressure that is funneling cold air down in this direction. You can see the image below that shows just that, the forecast for the first to second week of April should bring this back to a positive side, basically we should warm up..... Until then.......

Will We Warm Up??

Look at the images to follow..... those are projected temperature anomolies into late next week.... The EURO (noted in degrees C) and the GFS are both well below normal for temps all the way through late next week. The bottom line is that I think that we are going to be staying in a cold weather pattern for the next 7-10 days and even though the long range models have us warming up and getting into a more springline pattern I think we stay cold. I mean we won't be cold like January cold, but we will be below normal for a few more weeks for the most part.. let's hope I am wrong because I want it to feel like spring outside!

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