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What Makes This Temperature Map Interesting? | Weather

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What Makes This Temperature Map Interesting?
What Makes This Temperature Map Interesting?

It is a simple yet monumental thing if you are a warm weather lover! If you notice in this map the coldest temps I can find on this map are in So. Canada (you can see the key on the upper left) and not one single one is below zero!! This is HUGE if you are anxious for the air to start warming. What this is showing me is that the massive area of cold air that has been to the north the last 6 weeks is starting to break. Also climatologically this is the time of year that we start to warm up.Here are a few statistics for you to look at to be able to realize that spring is really right around the corner despite with that dang rodent said!

For N. Dakota where our cold air comes from the average temps in mid January is 16 degrees!! At the beginning of March it is 30 degrees!! That means that typically this time of year is the time that things start to warm up, even in the Northern Plains!

From Ottawa, Canada, where the cold air that usually pounds the east coast, them temps in mid January are around 18 degrees, for March 1st they are around 35!! So even Canada typically is starting to warm!

For us here in the Atlanta metro area we usually have our coldest days in mid January when we bottom out at a frosty average afternoon high of 52. By March 1st it is around 60 degrees!!! 

The reason for this is the sun angle is starting to get higher and the cold air to the north is starting to break! it has been pretty cool the last 5 weeks, but it looks like after this cold snap we are going have through this weekend, things will start to warm up.

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