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Knocking Out The Drought, Lake Lanier Levels | Weather

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Knocking Out The Drought, Lake Lanier Levels
Knocking Out The Drought, Lake Lanier Levels

We have seen a tremendous turn in the weather pattern here in N Georgia over the last 3 months. The change has been so drastic that it has knocked out the drought almost entirely!!

This is from a previous blog on the drought found here (DROUGHT BLOG)


With all the recent rains we have been having we have gone into a surplus!! Since December 1st we have seen 15.5" of rain, that puts us in a surplus of 4" of rain for that time period!! Needless to say a lot of people have been asking aobut the drought and if the recent rain has done any help for the drought, you betcha!!

As of this Thursday almost all of N Georgia has been taken out of the extreme drought area, and all of its is out of the exceptional drought area. 29 counties are in a nothing category meaning that there is no problem when it comes to dry our even drought conditions for that matter. Just look below at the changes that we have seen since December 1. With more rain that we are expecting next week I am pretty confident that all of N Georgia will be out of any drought conditions!

Take a look below at the drought changes!!!

Also Lanier has come up big time as well. As of today it is at 1065.49 ft wiich is only 5 feet below full pool!!! With more wet weather likely over the next month we should get back to normal levels for the first time since August of 2011!!

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