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Check Out The Parade Of Storms | Weather

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Check Out The Parade Of Storms
Check Out The Parade Of Storms

This is going to be quite an active period as the jet stream has set up to be  what looks to be a very active next 10 days. Here is what we could see:

Friday Night (#2)

The next system that will be coming in will be on Friday night (#2). It looks like this one could be a little stronger than the one that is coming through tonight (#1). The one that is coming through tomorrow night will have a little more cold air aloft, and the flow from the SW will be coming up and over the cold air we will have in place tomorrow from tonight's rain and subsequent cold front.

Monday / Tuesday (#3)

The next system lining up for arrival late Monday into early Tuesday will be a fast moving system that will be tapping into some very warm moist air. If any of these systems has the potential to produce severe weather it will be this one. This system is being forecasted by the EURO to come out very strong Monday night with a negative tilt (bad for severe weather) and give parts of the SE some severe weather. This is the one I will be watching closely over the weekend.

Wednesday / Thursday (#4)

This is a dynamic system that will be 2 parts. Part #1 will be from the Pacific, part #2 will be from Canada. This is the system that I think we could be looking at a potential for winter weather in parts of N Georgia. This is the most uncertain system, but could be the most interesting for the winter weather lovers. I will keep you posted!

Next Weekend (#5)

This one could be another shot of colder winter weather, but there appears to be a block trying to set up in the N Rockies late next week that could shut the cold air down. Again, I will keep you posted!

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