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Update to the Snow Chances This Weekend | Weather

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Update to the Snow Chances This Weekend
Update to the Snow Chances This Weekend

So I have the latest update on the snow chances for the weekend as I have been receiving several emails and tweets asking for updates. as of right now my thinking is that the chances are exactly what I was thinking, but let me give a bit of insight as to why I think the models might be a bit out to lunch on this latest run.

The latest run on both the GFS and EURO have the snow chances looking weaker than the what last night's runs had. My thinking for this is that the air in both computer models is drier than what they were showing last night... However, the upper system is just as, if not more potent than what they were looking at last night. This is why I am thinking that the chances are going to be better than what they are saying right now. 

Remember the system we saw dump 6 inches in the mountains 2 weeks ago? The models were forecasting only 1-3 inches, but it was a clipper system that hit the upslope of the mountains perfectly to produce big snow.... Now I am not saying that will happen her, but the upper system coming down in this direction is pretty strong, so a lot of times the upper system can compensate for the dry air at the surface.... We will know more with some more runs..

Bottom Line

I am still thinking that we are going to see some snow flurries in N Georgia on Saturday evening, not expecting any accumulations at all.

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