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More Rain, Possible Storms Coming. Is Winter Over?? | Weather

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More Rain, Possible Storms Coming. Is Winter Over??
More Rain, Possible Storms Coming. Is Winter Over??

The CPC has pinned the SE US to be the area over the next 6-10 days to be the area that gets a bunch of rain. As a matter of fact we have quite a few rain chances over the next 6-10 days which could be enough to really tip us in the direction we need to in terms of the drought!! Also this is great news for Lake Lanier where it is at its highest point in almost 2 years!!!

Next 7 Days

We have a couple of rain chances that look like big rain producers for part of N Georgia over the next week. The first big rain chance will be this Thursday as a disturbance comes in from the Gulf and moves right over us. This one, depending on where it sets up, could drop a full inch of rain in parts of N Georgia. The next one moves through next week on Monday and Tuesday, this one could be interesting in terms of the amount of rain that might fall. There is a good chance that this front that is forecasted to drop in and focus the area of rain will actually stall out Monday night. I know it is 6 days away, but this is one that I will monitor closely!

Is Winter Gone?

Over the next 10 days our temps are going to hang out in the upper 50's and lower 60's. The southern branch of the jet will become dominant over this time period which will bring us the rain, and bring us warmer temps as well. Towards the end of the period, basically around next Thursday and Friday, the models are bringing in some very cold air! We will monitor this as well! But, no winter is not gone!

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