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Update for Friday Morning Freezing Rain Potential | Weather

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Update for Friday Morning Freezing Rain Potential
Update for Friday Morning Freezing Rain Potential

The latest model runs are in and they are almost consistent with what we talked about earlier. Rather than giving you all kinds of model mumbo jumbo here in the overnight hours, I am just going to give you the bottom line and the timeline.

Timeline and Totals

The timing on this system is pushed back a bit which is good news! As of the latest runs it is apparent that the northern sections of the state are going to be the area that have the highest chance of seeing accumumulations greater than 0.05". The timing for out west will be between 6-8am.

The timing for the metro Atlanta area is about an hour later than what we originally talked about. I still think there will be some light freezing drizzle around 7-8am, but the best chance for seein any heavier stuff that could create a few slick spots won't be until around 8-10 am. By around 10-11 am the temps should be high enough to make this just rain.

For the northeast sections of the state we are looking at a few more problems.... The freezing rain will start later, but last longer due to the wedge. I am thinking it starts in the NE around 10-11am and lasts through around 3pm. There could be some ice accumulations in the NE.

Bottom Line

For the metro Atlanta area I think there will be a few icy spots tomorrow morning after 8am, but overall not a major problem tomorrow morning. Rain will move in by later in the afternoon.


On a scale of 1-10 I am giving this a 5 at this point in time for Atlanta. I am giving this a 6-6 for the NE.....

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