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More Rain, Cold Air, First Guess at Christmas | Weather

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More Rain, Cold Air, First Guess at Christmas
More Rain, Cold Air, First Guess at Christmas

So everyone wants a white Christmas but as you can see above N Georgia's chance of seeing snow on the ground is 5%. Statistically when you take into account that we had snow on the ground in 2010 the chances statistically go down to around 2.5%!! In this blog I am going to give you my thoughts on what might happen Christmas as well as the cold pattern that we are slipping into!

Mid Range, Sunday - Monday

There is definitely a pattern change going on given that we have had the coldest 2 day stretch so far this December! Over the next few days a system from the pacific will develop and begin to move in this direction on its way towards the NE. This will actually warm us up over the next few days but on Sunday it will begin our big pattern change. 

Rain starts to move in as early as Sunday night into Monday morning and will linger throughout the day Monday. Tuesday is when things start to change as a secondary system pulls out into the SE. The computer models have finally backed off the snow and now it looks like Tuesday morning  we are going to see this low tap into some very cold air from the north and give us a nice taste of winter in terms of temps. I still think that the far N Georgia mountains could see a flurry Tuesday morning.

For the Atlanta metro area I think next week we see all rain, but even colder temps move in on Tuesday!

First Guess Christmas

I think we get another shot of much colder air that will head in this direction late next week into the early part of Christmas week, see the image below! I think that the temps that we will see come down in this direction will be colder than what we have been seeing the last few days. I don't think that we will see a white Christmas though.

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