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Big Asteroid to Make an Earth Fly By on 12/12/12 | Weather

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Big Asteroid to Make an Earth Fly By on 12/12/12
Big Asteroid to Make an Earth Fly By on 12/12/12

I know what you are thinking.... 12/12/12 and the whole Mayan prediction thing, which is actually on 12/21/12... Well, don't worry we are not going to get hit by a massive asteroid, but we are going to get a close fly by for sure on 12/12/12.

4179 Toutatis

Its name is 4179 Toutatis and it is considered a PHA (potentially hazardous asteroid) but NASA and other space agencies! The reason for this is that this week it is going to get within 4 million miles from earth. Granted this does not seem too close but in terms of space it is a TINY amount. The asteroid actually is on the same planar orbit as the Earth so we see each other about every 4 years or so. 4179 Toutatis is about 3 miles wide and has about a 4 year orbit around the Sun. It encounters gravity from several planets on its journey so that alone makes its path highly unpredictable

Check out some of the pics below from the last few days, it is a very odd looking asteroid with 2 different heads!! Scientists hope to get some good pics over the next few days to learn more about this big guy.

If you have any interest in following  4179 Toutatis live, you can check out thevirtualtelescope.eu 's live broadcast of the fly-by here...http://www.virtualtelescope.eu/webtv/.

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