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Severe Threat For Today | Weather

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Severe Threat For Today
Severe Threat For Today

There is a slight risk for severe weather this afternoon as a strong cold front moves into and then through N Georgia. We can expect the best chances for severe weather producing storms to be between 12 and 5 this evening.


As this cold front continues to push in from the north we are seeing a bit more warming out ahead of it. AS of 11am today the instability for parts of N Georgia was starting to get a bit higher than originally forecasted and there were a few severe storms with damaging wind capabilities in eastern AL that will be moving into N Georgia by around noon. As the air continues to destabilize and this fronts actually slows down a bit we could see a few storms capable of producing damaging winds early in afternoon. I will be tracking this as it develops.

My Thoughts

I think we will see a few stronger storms come in from AL this afternoon some could have some brief gusty winds capable of doing a little damage. As for tornadoes I think the threat is tiny.. On a scale of 1-10 I give this about a 2-3.

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