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Severe Weather Threat For Monday | Weather

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Severe Weather Threat For Monday
Severe Weather Threat For Monday

The chances for severe weather are very small on Monday, almost too small to even warrant a discussion on it. But it is the first time since October 1st that I have been able to even remotely come close to talking about storms so here we are LOL! There are a couple of reasons I think the chances of severe weather are minimal tomorrow so here they are:

  • Not enough instability (AKA the N Georgia Curse)
  • Upper energy flies off to the north
  • The cold front really slows down a lot!

As always, or at least it seems like that, as this system gets closer to N Georgia we will lose any instability. It is a function of the mountains being just to our northeast! You see, as these systems come in from the SW they back the winds across all of N Georgia (that means that the winds turn to the right and come more out of the east). These winds then slope up as they come in from the SE and go up the Appalachians and cool. This, as we see in the winter on a large scale, creates a mini wedge and essentially protects a lot of N Georgia from storms. This will be the case tomorrow. 

At the same time we have the N Georgia curse (or some will see it as a blessing) the upper energy rockets off towards the NE. This does 2 things: #1 the better upper support will be to our north and #2 it will slow the forward progression of the rain and front. This will create even more cool air at the surface...The only thing that might peek my interest is the helicity, or atmospheric spin. Values will be a bit on the higher side tomorrow so I will keep my eye on that.

It looks like mainly rain with a few embedded storms followed by much cooler air moving in tomorrow afternoon, enjoy the temp change!!

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