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Tornado Spinning The "Wrong" Way | Weather

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Tornado Spinning The "Wrong" Way

Ok, the first thing you will notice aobut this video is that it is obviously in a country that speaks spanish!

It is from Dolores, Soriano, Uruguay and this happened earlier today. Another thing you will notice if you look closely is that the tornado is spinning clockwise!!! Is that normal? Well, for the northern Hemisphere it is not. But Uruguay is in the southern hemisphere and all storms down there spin clockwise!! That's right, they spin in the opposite direction. Why is that??

Southern Hemisphere Coriolis Force

The coriolis force is the "ficticious force" that makes everything in the Northern Hemisphere spin counter clockwise towards low pressure. However in the Southern Hemisphere it is all the oposite, winds actually spin clockwise towards low pressure!! Since a tornado is the ultimate form of low pressure the winds around tornadoes in the Southern Hemisphere sping clockwise! Cool huh?

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