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Atlanta Weather | Sandy 2nd Most Costly Hurricane? | Weather

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Atlanta Weather | Sandy 2nd Most Costly Hurricane?
Atlanta Weather | Sandy 2nd Most Costly Hurricane?

New York and New Jersey Officials make their case for the price tag for Category 1 Superstorm Sandy.The powers that be in New York and New Jersey are calling for at least $71.3 BILLION to recover from the devastation brought on by Superstorm Sandy and prevent damage from future storms. Of course that number could go up. That would make it the second costliest hurricane in US history.

$41.9 billion would go the repairing and restoring damaging housing, parks and infrastructure and cover lost revenue. $9.1 billion toward prevention.
Although Sandy was nowhere near as powerful as Hurricanes Katrina and Rita, by some measures, Sandy was worse.

Sandy destroyed 305,000 houses in New York state (a still provisional number that's likely to grow) compared to the 214,700 destroyed in Louisiana by Katrina and Rita. Sandy also caused nearly 2.2 million power outages at its peak in the state, compared to 800,000 from Katrina and Rita in Louisiana, and impacted 265,300 businesses compared to 18,700.

 While Sandy may have damaged more homes and businesses, Katrina took a far greater toll on human lives, killing more than 1,800 people directly or indirectly. Sandy, by comparison, is believed to have killed at least 121 people.

 Here are the current top 5 costliest Hurricanes in the Atlantic Basin:

  1. Katrina (2005)  90.3 Billion
  2. Andrew (1992)  41.1 Billion
  3. Ike  (2008)  29.9 Billion
  4. Wilma (2005)   23 Billion
  5. Charley (2004)     17.3 Billion