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Thanksgiving Could Be Interesting | Weather

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Thanksgiving Could Be Interesting
Thanksgiving Could Be Interesting

Ah yes, Thanksgiving is next week which means we will be getting closer and closer to winter weather being here on a regular basis. So what do I think will be happening late next week in the world of weather? Here is a quick synopsis:


This year the EURO has been a much more reliable model run to run with the EURO nailing Sandy and the Nor'easter that went up the east coast last week. It has also been more accurate in the temps we have been having lately (we are well below normal for the month of November). So, if you look at the fact that we have had a big east coast dip in the jet stream on and off (mainly on) for the last several weeks, I am thinking that that trend should continue given the fact that there has been a big blocking ridge in the N Atlantic.

The GFS takes this ridge in the N Atlantic and breaks it down where the EURO does not. This makes for a BIG difference in computer model output for late next. The GFS entirely changes the pattern this weekend and starts to build in some much warmer air for late next week. The EURO keeps the same pattern in place, with another MAJOR Nor'easter early next week. And, brings us another big shot of cooler air for mid next week!!


I am, for now, going to side with the EURO and go with a continuation of the cool air we have been having for Thanksgiving. I think the GFS is way off, and the EURO is way on!! I think the east coast sees another big storm early next week that will again tap into the cold air in Canada giving us a cool week!!

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