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Superstorm Sandy Changes Coastline's Appearance! | Weather

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Superstorm Sandy Changes Coastline's Appearance!
Superstorm Sandy Changes Coastline's Appearance!

Last week was an amazing week of weather for the NE as Sandy transformed from a hurricane to a "Super storm". What that means in English is that the tropical based system successfully changed to a Nor'easter and got even stronger. According to experts at NOAA, if you take all the energy from the entire storm named Sandy (that is every square mile of the storm from east to west, and north to south) and compare it to Katrina, it appears that Sandy had much more overall energy!!! That is remarkable considering the damage from Katrina was monumental!!! 

This is an article from NASA on hoe Sandy changed the landscape of New Jersey, possibly for a very long time: 

"Hurricane Sandy Changes Coastline in New Jersey

On October 29, 2012, lives were changed forever along the shores of New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, and in the two dozen United States affected by what meteorologists are calling Super storm Sandy. The landscape of the East Coast was also changed, though no geologist would ever use the word “forever” when referring to the shape of a barrier island.

Two aerial photographs show a portion of the New Jersey coastal town of Mantoloking, just north of where Hurricane Sandy made landfall. Both photographs were taken by the Remote Sensing Division of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). The after image on October 31, 2012; the before image was acquired by the same group on March 18, 2007. The images were acquired from an altitude of roughly 7,500 feet, using a Trimble Digital Sensor System.

The Mantoloking Bridge cost roughly $25 million when it was opened in 2005 to replace a bridge built in 1938. After Sandy passed through on October 29, 2012, the bridge was covered in water, sand, and debris from houses; county officials closed it because they considered it unstable.

On the barrier island, entire blocks of houses along Route 35 (also called Ocean Boulevard) were damaged or completely washed away by the storm surge and wind. Fires raged in the town from natural gas lines that had ruptured and ignited. A new inlet was cut across the island, connected the Atlantic Ocean and the Jones Tide Pond.

Mike Carlowicz
NASA's Earth Observatory"

Unfortunately the NE got hit by another Nor'easter this week, luckily it was not as bad as the one that hit then last week!

The pictures you are looking at are from the coast of New Jersey, it is simply amazing and saddening to me to see just how much damage that Sandy did!! Hopefully it is a very long time before ANY of the US gets hit again!!

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