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Second Storm on the Heels of Sandy | Weather

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Second Storm on the Heels of Sandy
Second Storm on the Heels of Sandy

Before many are able to even get their power back from Superstorm Sandy, a new Nor’easter will hit starting late today bringing snow, sleet, and freezing rain. This new storm will also bring powerful winds of around 20-30mph, with some gusts as high as 60mph. That will likely blow down trees and limbs that were already weakened from Sandy. In addition to further delaying power being restored to more than 600,000 people who have been without it since Sandy hit more than a week ago.  Another concern many authorities are dealing with is trying to clean up a lot of the leftover debris on the ground, which could end up becoming projectiles in this new storm.

Evacuations were ordered for nursing homes and healthcare centers in the Rockaways area (a section of Queens) in New York. Airlines have also canceled over 750 flights in and out of New York City.  Along the Jersey Shore, the communities of Brick and Middleton have also ordered evacuations.

Getting fuel has been an ongoing problem for residents in New York and New Jersey for days now, and this will likely only add to that problem. Fuel rationing is already in place in New Jersey. In fact, some residents were hiring school children to stand in line with gas cans, and price gouging has been an issue in parts of New York.

Some snow totals for areas of the Northeast include:

New York City-   1-2” snow

Newark, NJ-   2-4” snow

Philadelphia-   3-5” snow

Baltimore-   1-2” snow

Hartford, CT-  1-3” snow, with a tenth of an inch of ice

Bangor, ME-  1-2” snow, with two tenths of an inch of ice

Some areas, including the higher elevations of upstate New York could see 5-8” of snow through Friday.