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Another Major Northeast Storm Next Week? | Weather

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Another Major Northeast Storm Next Week?
Another Major Northeast Storm Next Week?

Yeah, that is the last thing that the NE wants to hear... another NE storm... This one will be different though, this one looks to be a pure Nor'easter with the chance of big snow in the New England area late next week. It is all because of the Omega Block in the North Atlantic!!

What's Happening for N Georgia

This system will come down from the NW over the weekend and come in 2 pieces. The first piece will come in on Sunday and bring us our rain chances... The second, and bigger piece, comes down in this direction on Tuesday. This "piece" will bring us rain chances and then suck down some much colder air that will invade N Georgia again next Week!! We can expect our daytime highs late next week to be in the mid to upper 50's again!!!

What's Up For the NE?

Well, thanks to the omega block in the North Atlantic we are going to see this disturbance that comes out on Tuesday to parallel the east coast and ride the Gulf Stream. This will allow for low pressure at the surface to drop rapidly when it hits this gulf stream, then rocket towards the North East. IF this takes shape, they could be looking at another Nor'easter with wind, cold, and possibly snow in a next Wed-Fri time frame. This WILL NOT be like Sandy by any means!!

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