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How Hurricane Sandy Will Impact N Georgia | Weather

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How Hurricane Sandy Will Impact N Georgia
How Hurricane Sandy Will Impact N Georgia

Sandy The Superstorm???

Ok, all of you are probably wondering exactly what a super storm is. The best way to tell you what a superstorm is is to refer to the two that some to mind. 

  • The March 13th, 1993 "Storm of the Century" that crippled the eastern 1/3 of the US
  • The "Perfect Storm" in October of 1991 where Hurricane Grace merged with a coastal storm

Both of these "Hybrid" freak storms happened when very warm tropical style air hit a powerful blast of cold air from Canada! A very similar situation might, and now it looks more likely than not, happen late this weekend in the NE. The following is from my earlier blog today, then I will get into the specifics for N Georgia. You can skip this part if you read it earlier:


After Sandy off Cuba, it is going to move just to the east of north and cross the Bahamas early Friday as it begins to make a slow turn to the northeast. After that the possibilities of where Sandy will go are starting to look a little more clear due to what we call a Rex blocking pattern in the North Atlantic.

Basically us weather geeks call it a high over low style pattern and it is almost impossible to budge. What happens is that a large ridge of high pressure in the upper levels of the atmosphere sits ove one location ( in this case the North Atlantic ) and all of the lows that come in from the west either slowly go under the ridge, or go up and around.... As you can see below, the ridge is huge and over the weekend there is already an upper low sitting under the ridge... 

As Sandy churns her way up the east coast and starts to TRY to move into the open waters of the Atlantic ocean she will start to encounter the effects of the Rex Block. Basically Sandy and the low that is sitting underneath the high will play bumper cars.. Then Sandy will feel the effects of the North Atlantic high and start to get pulled back towards the west where Sandy will then possibly merge with another disturbance rounding the bottom of ridge. This is the crucial juncture in the development of what could be a major storm for the north east US.

North Georgia Impacts

I am confident that we will see direct impacts from Sandy in the form of the coldest air of the year! Take a look below at the air in canada that is just sitting and building.. essentialy waiting for something to pull it down into our region, that "something" will be Sandy as it trecks up the east coast! Check out down below at the pressure and wind gradients, Sandy will act like agiant atmospheric vacuum cleaner and suck in all the surrounding air even before it merges with the storm coming in from Canada! Once they merge the cold air will get even deeper and we will get into the mid 50's for highs next Monday and Tuesday. Some of N georgia will dip well into the 20's for overnight lows on Tuesday and Wednesday morning. As for Atlanta, I am oficially forecasting a low of 37 for Tuesday morning, but if the storm deepens more than expected we could see colder temps! Unfortunately no snow this time. Check out all the details in the images below on the impending cool down!

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