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Could Another "Perfect Storm" Hit the Northeast Next Week? | Weather

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Could Another "Perfect Storm" Hit the Northeast Next Week?
Could Another "Perfect Storm" Hit the Northeast Next Week?

The Superstorm

It's called a superstorm and it lives up to its name for sure! The two storms that come to mind are the March 13, 1993 superstorm and Hurricane Grace back in October of 1991. March 13th will go down in infamy as the storm of the century! It was the perfect ingredients of cold air, warm moist air, and a powerful disturbance at the jet stream level. AS it came out of the gulf of Mexico it put down over 40 tornadoes, then moved up the east coast and created some of the worst blizzard conditions they have ever seen!! Winds gusted over hurricane strength and the pressure was a record low at 976 millibars!! Atlanta saw 16 inches of snow and parts of West Virginia got over 5 FEET!!! Hurricane Grace was the next "Superstorm" that came to mind, the popular "The Perfect Storm" with the Andria Gale was the movie that was made after that storm. Hurricane Grace moved up the eastern seaboard and merged with a strong storm that was coming down from Canada to produce 100ft waves and some of the worst conditions in the North Atlantic in history!! A super storm is a freak occurrence that merges the tropics with the northern latitudes in explosive results! a similar setup might be happening early next week in the Northeast, let's explore!


Check out the latest track from the NHC on what is going to be happening with tropical storm Sandy. According to the NHC and all the models for the last few days, Sandy will move up towards Bermuda and then move out to sea.. You can see this in all the computer models in the latest spaghetti plots, but notice now that there is a different set of solutions that take this thing into the NE as a superstorm!! 

I want to make it very clear that this is just a scenario that could possibly happen and that we are still a full week away from any of these scenarios happening, but I do think that there is a chance that this may actually take shape... Here is why.

Meteorological Conditions

There is a strong blocking high pressure area at the upper levels in the north Atlantic, it has been very persistent for the last few weeks. The GFS model had this high breaking down and Sandy moving up and getting caught in the jet stream that the models were forecasting to move in.. This is all based on that upper high breaking down.. The EURO has a different solution.. The EURO actually keeps this blocking high in place in the north Atlantic and does not allow the jet to pull Sandy out to sea. From what you can see below, that high actually starts to allow Sandy to drift back towards the Northeast.... That is when another powerful upper system with a lot of cold air at the surface moves in and ingests Sandy and bombs her out to a 948 low!!! This would obviously create serious problems for the Northeast so I will give constant updates on the blog over the next week for all of you. This storm will not affect the N Georgia area.

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