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Slight Risk for Severe Weather This Afternoon | Weather

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Slight Risk for Severe Weather This Afternoon
Slight Risk for Severe Weather This Afternoon

The slight risk area has actually been pushed to our east today. Our chance of severe weather this afternoon is slim for the reasons I talked about last night in detail (last night's blog). Basically we just don't have the instability in place like we need for severe weather for this afternoon.

The Setup

As you can see below the cold front is to our west and is currently moving quickly towards the east. Out ahead of it the instability is somewhat low, but could increase if we had a little sunshine. But, as you can see below, the cloud cover from last night's storms is so thick that we are not going to heat up very much today. So it would be somewhat safe to say that when this front fires up some storms, they will be on the strong side as the front pushes through but barely severe. From the satellite picture below you can see that S Carolina is totally free and clear from morning clouds so they could get hit somewhat hard later today.


I am confident that as the front pushes through it will start in the NW sections of the state around 11am and push all the way through the area by around 4-5pm. If we have any storms in the metro area they will be between 1 and 4pm this afternoon. Then we will set the stage for a perfect weekend with highs in the lower 80's.

On a scale of of 1-10 I give today a 1-2 for winds and small hail if anything at all happens.


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