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Pollen is Out of Control, Will It Go Away?? | Weather

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Pollen is Out of Control, Will It Go Away??
Pollen is Out of Control, Will It Go Away??


Yes that is my disgusting car!! It is normally spotless but theis year the pollen is just so bad that there is no point, at least for right now, to even wash it! Today we set an all time record in terms of pollen. Our pollen count today was 8164, the previous record was 6013 and that was set in april of 1999. That that number means is that we had 8164 particles of pollen per cubic meter..... Typically in summer we will average around 100, but in a bad time of year, like spring, we can have days above 1500. 8164 is just plain obnoxious! Unfortuately it might not be going down anytime soon.....

Spring begins tomorrow morning at 1:14am, that is the time when the Sun passes directly over the equator as it heads north for the summer!

Short Term

There are a few showers in Lumpkin county this afternoon that have popped up duging the heat of the day, they will go down as the sun goes down and we lose our daytime heating. Temps tonight will continue to be in the 80's through the early evening hours, then cool into the 70's as we head through the overnight. Skies tonight will be partly cloudy with temps falling off into the lower 60's and upper 50's for tomorrow morning. Tomorrow will be exactly like today with lots of sunshine and temps in the lower 80's. An isolated shower is possible in the NE tomorrow, but the chance is less than 20%.

Mid Range

The reason for the stagnant pattern we have had for the last week is this upper level low that has been parked out west since last week. This has allowed a ridge at the upper lvevels to build in and really put us into a summer time pattern. This has really pushed intense heat for this time of year north even into Canada. This upper low will finally move out later this week and bring us a chance of t-storms mainly Friday and Saturday. When this thing moves by, it will cool us down into the mid 70's, but there is no cold air behind this system so we will continue to stay warm with slijm chances for rain.

Pollen Forecast

The pollen count will remain in the record levels all week until Saturday and Sunday when it should drop a bit thanks to some rain fall. Until then just stock up on the allergy medecine!


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