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Atlanta Weather | Rain and a Few Storms Tonight | Weather

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Atlanta Weather | Rain and a Few Storms Tonight
Atlanta Weather | Rain and a Few Storms Tonight

Ok, I am not one to second guess myself but if today wasn't an 11 I don't know what is!! I mean come on, how many San Diego Chamber of Commerce days do we get like this per year? Probably around 10-15 tops! The only reason I went with a 10 was due to the chance of storms later this evening, the good news is that it looks like the severe threat will be minimal.

Short Term

Rain will start moving into far N Georgia a bit later tonight, mainly after 7pm, and bring with some moderate to heavy rain in some areas. The threat for severe will be very low. As you can see from the slight risk map above, we are not even in the below slight risk for most of metro area. In other words we will see some thunder storms, but they should stay well below severe limits. As you can see from the maps below we are going to see a good swath of rain starting in the metro area after 9pm that will last through tomorrow late morning into the early afternoon. Some of the computer models are saying 1/2-1 inch of rain, I agree with that. We might see some more in some isolated areas but for the most part, that is a good bet. Temps tonight will cool off a bit and make it down into the mid 50's by the morning, then struggle to make it into the mid 60's by tomorrow afternoon. Tomorrow, compared to today, will feel a bit cool with the north winds and clouds. 

Mid Range

From below's upper level maps you can see that an upper level low will cut off in the SW US and bring a lot of rain to the mid section of the country. That thing should start to move out early next week and bring us more rain chances starting on Monday. Temps over the weekend will be in the mid 60's with partly cloudy skies, more Chamber of Commerce weather for sure!

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