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Friday Atlanta Weather Outlook

It was a cold day on Thursday.  We started with a low temp of 25 degrees.  It struggled to warm to 50 in the afternoon. 

More cold air moves in.  After a cold start, temperatures will warm up to 53 by Friday afternoon.  We will have a lot of sunshine early, then a few more clouds increase late afternoon.

We are watching a thin band of light showers will move through late Friday night into early Saturday morning.  Much of the precip won't even hit the ground.  There is a slight chance in the northeast Georgia mountains that we few flurries could fall.  The precip will occur while most people are sleeping.  Lows in Atlanta by morning will be near 38.

The sunshine returns Saturday with temperatures warming to 60 in the afternoon.  It will be near 70 on Sunday.

Another Chance to see the International Space Station Fly Over Atlanta this Evening

You have another chance to see the International Space Station fly over Atlanta again tonight.  Skies will be mostly clear for good visibility for the flyover.  

It begins this evening at 6:51.  Look toward the northwest at the beginning about 10 degrees above the horizon.  It may be hard to see it at first if you have a lot of trees blocking your view at that height.  The bright white dot will move across the sky peaking at a height of 64 degrees above the horizon.  It will disappear at about 11 degrees above the horizon in the southeast sky.  The entire event will last 6 minutes.

Many folks saw it earlier in the week through some high thin clouds.  Tonight's visibility will be much better.  Tonight's event also lasts 2 more minutes.  However tonight's flyover won't be as high in the sky as Monday's flyover.

Atlanta Weather | Sunny, But Cold

  Plenty of sunshine for today, but it will not be a warm one. The cold air is in place as temps begin in the 20s in many spots. Despite the sun, we will only see highs reach near 50 degrees.

We will gradually warm up through the weekend as highs reach the low 50s Friday, and back into the 60s Saturday and Sunday.
Next chance for rain will come as we start the work week and that could be followed by another shot of cold air. Stay tuned.

Thursday Atlanta Weather Outlook

Winter is back!  The cold air continues to spill in overnight.   It will get even colder by morning.  Temperatures drop to 24 by morning.  The clouds will clear out overnight.

Thursday, we will have plenty of sunshine...and plenty of cold air.  We start off in the mid 20s, then move above freezing between 9 and 10am.  We eventually hit 50 in the afternoon.

It gets cold again Thursday night.  We drop to 29 by Friday morning with mostly clear skies.  We will gradually warm up into the weekend.  Highs Saturday will be near 60 degrees.  Sunday we are up to 67.  Don't get used to it.  Another blast of cold air moves in next week.

Smog chokes China as public, experts demand change

BEIJING - China banned outdoor school sports and cookouts as it grappled with a fourth straight day of thick, choking smog, a pollution problem that a recent report says makes Beijing "barely suitable" for living.

Beijing maintained its orange pollution alert Monday, the second-highest level of an official warning and response system introduced nationwide last October. The city has been spraying streets with water to reduce dust in a severe smog attack that has made the Chinese capital's pollution 10 times the level considered safe by the World Health Organization.

PHOTOS | China shrouded in thick smog; health alerts issued

"More forceful measures need to be taken," said Ma Jun, a leading voice on China's environmental crisis and director of the Beijing-based Institute of Public and Environmental Affairs.

Atlanta Weather | New Measures For Snow And Rain

Atlanta Weather | New Measures For Snow And Rain

Rain and snow observations are about to become more sophisticated thanks to a new satellite that will be cruising 253 miles above Earth.

Scientist: Build 'great walls' to protect US from ferocious tornadoes

(USA Today) -- Forget the Great Wall of China... How about the Great Wall of ... Kansas?

One scientist thinks we can protect parts of the central USA from ferocious tornadoes by building several gigantic walls across Tornado Alley:

"If we build three east-west great walls in the American Midwest .... one in North Dakota, one along the border between Kansas and Oklahoma to the east, and the third one in south Texas and Louisiana, we will diminish the tornado threats in the Tornado Alley forever," according to physicist Rongjia Tao of Temple University.

The walls would need to be about 1,000 feet high and 150 feet wide, he said. Tao is presenting his research next week at the annual meeting of the American Physical Society in Denver.