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Thursday Atlanta Weather Outlook

We got up to 67 degrees Wednesday with clouds blocking out more of the sun late in the afternoon.  We will continue with a good coverage of clouds tonight with a slight chance for some sprinkles.

The clouds linger into Thursday morning.  Those clouds will break up to give us some sunshine at times during the afternoon hours.  High temperatures will warm to 72 degrees.  

We are watching a line of storms that will move in after midnight Thursday night into Friday morning.  That line of storms will move through the area overnight.  It will have some heavy rain, thunder and lightning and the potential for strong winds.  Right now, the main threat from this system is the damaging wind threat.  There is a slight chance for an isolated tornado.  Since this is coming in overnight instead of the heat of the day, we hope that will will weaken a little as it moves through Georgia.

What does a "slight" risk of severe T-Storms mean?

You often hear us mention a "slight," "moderate," or "high" risk of severe weather.  What exactly does that mean?

The Storm Prediction Center issues what it calls "Convective Outlooks" whenever there is a threat for severe weather.  The outlooks are issued for Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, and an outlook for day 4 through 8.  These maps will show an area colored in to match with slight, moderate, or high risk.  The SPC factors in a lot of ingredients in the atmosphere and at the surface to determine these areas that are colored in on the maps.  This is a way to easily show the areas most likely to see severe weather.

I've had numerous questions over the years asking what those slight, moderate and high risks mean.  A "slight" chance is actually a pretty good chance that you could see severe weather in the outlook area.

Here's how the SPC explains the differences:

Atlanta Weather | Warm Before The Storms

Atlanta Weather | Warm Before The Storms

Mostly cloudy skies this morning, with only a few peeks of sunshine this afternoon. We will keep a slight chance for showers in the forecast through the day, and can’t rule out a rumble of thunder or two. It will be very mild today with temps into the low 70s for highs.

Cloudy skies continue Thursday as well as the slight chance for showers. Another warm day with highs in the low 70s, ahead of a front that will bring a better chance for showers and thunderstorms.
Right now, the storms are forecast to arrive in our western counties between Midnight and 3am, in the Atlanta metro, between 3am and 6am.  Damaging winds, and heavy downpours appear to be the main threat at this time. An isolated weak tornado is not out of the question.

The storms are forecast to clear the area by mid morning Friday. Highs will be in the low 60s.

Wednesday Atlanta Weather Outlook

Only a few showers move through tonight.  It will remain mild with a low by morning down to 53.  We will have mostly cloudy skies Wednesday with a 20% chance of showers during the day.  We warm to 69 by afternoon.

The interesting weather moves in late Thursday.  We will have a mix of sun and clouds Thursday with temperatures warming to 72.  Late Thursday night into Friday morning, we will have a line of showers and thunderstorms moving through.  As the line moves in early Friday, we have a chance for some of those storms to turn severe.  Right now, it looks like the main threat will be strong winds.  There is a small chance for an isolated tornado.  We will keep monitoring the timing and intensity of this line as it develops.

We go back to partly cloudy skies over the weekend with highs back to the upper 50s into next week.

Atlanta Weather | Severe T-Storms Possible Southeast Of Atlanta Friday

Atlanta Weather | Severe T-Storms Possible Southeast Of Atlanta Friday

A cold front is pushing through the area this morning; the rain ahead of the front has ended. The front will stall over central GA, and then move back to the north as a warm front. As the front clear the area this morning, look for sunny skies. Clouds will increase during the afternoon with a chance for showers after 6pm.

The clouds will hang on during the overnight into Wednesday morning with the chance for showers. Skies will clear during the afternoon briefly, but more clouds will move in ahead of another cold front that will bring a better chance for showers, possibly a thunderstorm by Friday morning.

Because of the timing or arrival of the front, the Storm Prediction Center has placed a slight risk for severe weather over the East and Central parts of the state. Yesterday the slight risk included the city of Atlanta, but has now pushed the risk farther south.

Tuesday Atlanta Weather Outlook

Our temperatures topped off at 66 degrees Monday!  We had a few more clouds that moved in during the afternoon hours. Those clouds produced a little rain late Monday with only light rainfall amounts.

We clear out Tuesday.  Temperatures will once again rebound with highs in the mid 60s.  Another fast moving system comes in Tuesday night with a few more clouds and some light showers overnight.  A couple of those showers will linger into Wednesday morning.

Our next best chance of rain comes in Thursday night into Friday morning.  We will have a chance for some thunderstorms with this.  The Storm Prediction Center is painting us in the "slight" risk category for severe storms.  This is still far out into the future.  We will fine tune that threat through the week. 

Monster asteroid to whiz by Earth

(USA TODAY) -- Earth gets a close encounter Monday as an asteroid as big as three football fields whizzes by at 27,000 mph.

The asteroid isn't a threat - it will miss the Earth by 2 million miles. Dubbed 2000 EM26, it's about 885 feet in diameter

Earthlings can watch the fly-by on Slooh.com beginning at 9 p.m. ET.

Slooh is a robotic telescope service that is viewable online.

Asteroid 2000 EM26 will begin its close pass, monitored by Slooh's robotic telescope on Mount Teide in the Canary Islands.

Asteroids are small rocky planetoids that revolve around the sun but are too small to be considered planets.

2000 EM26 was discovered March 5, 2000. You can see a diagram of its orbit from NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory here.