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A Hybrid Howler????? | News

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A Hybrid Howler?????
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A Hybrid Howler?????


I was recently asked the question have I ever heard of or used the weather term Hybrid Howler. Of course the answer was no, but being curious I had to look it up. After a little investigation, I found it. A word probably coined by our friends from Accuweather.com! Here’s how they explain it:

             A Hybrid Howler is a low pressure area with some tropical characteristics. According to   Accuweather.com, some people alternatively refer to Hybrid Howlers                            as "vorticanes." A Hybrid    Howler brings torrential rains and high winds. The high winds result from a pressure gradient between the low pressure area and surrounding high pressure areas. The Weather Dude explains these high winds and low pressure areas are warm and rise while cold pressure areas are cold and sink. As warm air rises, cooler air moves in to replace it. "The greater the distance   between the high and low pressure or the shorter the distance between the high and low pressure areas, the faster the wind will blow." Because there's nothing in the wind's path over open areas like ocean, the wind will blow stronger.



In other words the area of low pressure that is bringing heavy rains to Florida and Southern Georgia is not a Tropical System, hence the name hybrid. The Howler part must be the strong winds that are associated with it.

I can’t really say much about this one, because I have been known to make up my own weather words! For us, it keeps the weather interesting.
By the way, the Hybrid Howler will keep the chance for rain in the forecast through Wednesday.

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