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Freeze Warning Criteria

I've had a few questions asking why we have a freeze warning overnight with temperatures down to 29 degrees Tuesday when we didn't have a freeze warning when temperatures have been colder.  A freeze warning is issued mainly for agricultural reasons.  It is only issued during the growing season.  Freeze warnings are issued after March first and usually not after November 20th.  

The NWS doesn't usually issue freeze warnings in much of December, January and February because it is not part of the growing season and it is supposed to be cold then.  We can have numerous days in December, January and February below freezing, but no freeze warning will be issued.

Once we get to March 1st, some plants and trees begin budding and blooming.  If temperatures drop to freezing or below at this time, it could damage those plants.  The NWS will issue a freeze watch or freeze warning at this time so folks will understand that they need to protect their tender plants at this critical time of growth beginning.  

Our freeze warning for Tuesday will expire at 10am.  By then, most areas will be above freezing and your plants should be OK with the warmer air setting in.