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Figuring out the Wind Chill | News

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Figuring out the Wind Chill

The wind chill is the "feels like" temperature when you factor in the effects of the wind with the cold air.  When the wind is blowing in very cold air, it makes it feel even colder.  The wind and cold air increase the heat loss to your exposed skin.  That can lower the temperature of your skin and eventually your body.

The body parts most susceptible to exposure to wind chill are your extremities.  Fingers, toes, the tip of your nose and earlobes are the body parts that usually feel the effects of the wind chill first if they aren't covered.

There is a long formula used to compute the wind chill.  But you don't have to do math to figure it out!  Pictured is a wind chill chart where you can use the temperature and the wind speed to figure out the wind chill.  Some websites also have a "wind chill calculator" where you can simply input the temperature and wind speed for a read out of the wind chill.