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Sandy's Effects on Georgia-1 Year Anniversary | News

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Sandy's Effects on Georgia-1 Year Anniversary

We're hearing a lot this week about Hurricane or "Superstorm" Sandy for the 1 year anniversary.  Sandy made landfall on the New Jersey coast on October 29th, 2012.  We felt the effects of the storm a little earlier.  Even though Sandy didn't have a direct landfall anywhere near Georgia, we still felt it.

On October 28th, Sandy was just off the Atlantic coast moving parallel to the shoreline.  As it moved north, we got a mix of winds coming around the backside of Sandy and the winds on the front side of a strong high pressure that was moving in behind a cold front.  That pressure gradient between the strong low known as Sandy and the strong high in the plains contributed to strong winds here in Georgia.

Our average wind speed on October 28th, 2012 was 16.8mph.  The highest wind speed that day was 33mph.  We even had a peak wind gust of 45mph.  On the 29th, even though Sandy was making landfall in on the northeast coast, we still had strong winds here.  Our average wind speed on October 29, 2012 was 20.1mph with the highest wind speed of 31mph.

We only had a trace of rain on October 28th.  We were on the drier side of Sandy.  We didn't get any of the outer rain bands in north Georgia.  The wind was the main effect for us.

Many folks in the metro area and north Georgia were without power due to falling trees.  Many folks were stranded at Hartsfield-Jackson Airport not only because of the wind here, but because many other airports in the east had to cancel flights.

You will be hearing most of the focus on the 1 year anniversary Tuesday about the northeast.  Just remember, Sandy made an impact on Georgia, too.