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Atlanta Weather | Tuesday Night Weather

The Cold Snap Coming

Enjoy tomorrow's mid and upper 50's because we are going plunged back into winter pretty hard after tomorrow! Cold air from the great northern plains will be moving south over the next few days and will move over some cold ice and snow just to the north that will have to make the air even colder than what it is right now. The latest NAM and GFS have us having a breezy day tomorrow with temps in the 50's, but there will be some sunshine at least. Then the cold air arrives tomorrow night and drops those temps big time over the next few days. Highs starting on Thursday will be back in the lower 50's and go down even more as we head into the weekend. We will see highs in the mid and upper 40's for Saturday and Sunday.

Snow Coming??

As the cold air moves in so will a powerful disturbance at the upper levels Saturday morning. The latest projections from the NAM, GFS and EURO bring this in and produce some flurries across all of N Georgia Saturday afternoon. We are still 4 days out, but I think this is a pretty good chance for all of us to see some flurries, no accumulations, but just some nice little snow flurries.

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