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Atlanta Weather | Winter Cold Returns


A strong cold front will move in later tonight around 10pm and start making those temps go downward! By the time you wake up in the morning we will be seeing temps in the mid to lower 30's. At the same time very gusty winds will commence and tap into the colder air that is to the north of the initial front. This will push the 540 line (that is just a line we mets look at where the rain/snow changeover is) well down into the southern parts of the state. Overnight the rain will be moving in, we will see some cold rain showers on and off throughout the overnight hours, it will be just rain though as the atmosphere starts to transition.

Tomorrow Morning

So as the rain starts to wind down a bit, and the 540 line is well to the south, a secondary wave at the upper levels will move into N Georgia and move across the entire metro area. This is when I think there will be a brief window of snow flurry chances, mainly between 9 and Noon!! I am not expecting any accumulations in the area, just a few flakes will fall. Now up in the mountains near Ellijay and Blue Ridge there could be a bit on the grassy surfaces.

Bottom Line

I think a few flakes are possible tomorrow mid morning with no accumulation. Temps are going to be the story for tomorrow and Sunday morning. I will have an update on that later!

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