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More Warm Air!
More Warm Air!

It definitely doesn't feel like the beginning of December!  As we started the month yesterday, we got up to 68 degrees.  That's 10 degrees above average.  We will be a little warmer today with a high of 69.  It will get even warmer Monday with a high of 73. 

A southerly flow will help to pump in more of this warm air over the next couple of days.  Right now, it looks like we will stay below records, but we will be close.  Here's a look at the records for the next few days:

Sunday-Record 74-1998

Monday-Record 74-1982

Tuesday-Record 76-1998

Here is our forecast for high temps:

Sunday-69- that would be 5 degrees below the record

Monday-73-1 degree away from the record

Tuesday-71-5 degrees away from the record.

Monday looks like it would be the day closest to the record.  We will keep monitoring the warm air and the rain chances moving in with the next cold front on the way.