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Atlanta Weather | City Under Water
Atlanta Weather | City Under Water

Another day with only a slight chance for rain in the area, and we could use the rain. We are currently 12.33 inches below where we should be for the year. Where they don’t need it is Venice.

 Heavy rain continues to make it difficult for tours in the Water City. Shops, homes and historic palaces filled with water in Venice and authorities said 70 percent of the lagoon city was flooded.
High water in Venice reached 149 cm (5ft), the sixth highest level since records began in 1872, forcing residents to wade through waist-deep water. It was the fourth time since 2000 that Venice had been hit by record high water, and the city's environment officer said the latest flooding was the result of global climate change, but that’s another debate. There was no immediate estimate of damage to the city.

 Tourists in swimming costumes sat at cafe tables under the water.
A barrier to protect the city from repeated winter flooding, which has been planned for decades, is due to be finished by 2015