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Atlanta Weather | Wednesday Evening Weather

Sleet in the Metro

Yes, there has been a lot of sleet reports across the metro all afternoon. It is a combination of some very dry air at the surface and very cold air at the mid levels that has caused all of this. As the is potent disturbance at the upper levels has moved across N Georgia it has sparked a few showers. The interesting thing about this is that as the rain fell into very dry air,  air that was already near freezing around 2-3000 feet, the rain cooled the air even more surrounding the raindrops. Very similar to when you get out of the pool on a very hot but dry day.. The water quickly evaporates as it moves through the air and causes what we as meteorologists call "Evaporative Cooling". This cooling was enough to drop the temps in a layer of the atmosphere to below the freezing mark and allow the raindrops to freeze into sleet pellets! Cool huh? This will continue to be the case through the early evening hours,

Frost Advisory

A frost advisory has been issued for all of N Georgia for tonight through tomorrow morning. With the cold air we have in place and the chance that we will have clearing skies later tonight, we have the potential to see temps get right around the freezing mark later tonight. I think in metro Atlanta we will stay above the freezing mark, but in the suburbs and the low lying valley areas there is a good chance that some will wake up with some frost on the ground.

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