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"Fall Back" tonight | News

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"Fall Back" tonight

Tonight's the night we "fall back."  We are moving from Daylight Saving time back to Standard time.  Before you go to bed tonight, move your clock back 1 hour.  You will get to enjoy an extra hour of sleep!  If you forget to "fall back," you will arrive at your destinations Sunday an hour early!

The official time change takes place at 2am Sunday morning.  You don't have to wait until then, just be sure and "fall back" before bed tonight.

As we get back to standard time, there will be more light earlier and it will get darker much earlier.  Here's a comparison of sunrise and sunset times.  Saturday, the sun came up at 7:59am.  The sun will set Saturday at 6:43pm.  On Sunday, the sun will come up at 7:00am and then set at 5:42. 

If you were used to driving to work in the dark at 7am last week, it will be much lighter for the morning commute this week.  At the other end of the spectrum, driving home from work will be a little different.  It will be dark before 6pm for the afternoon commute this week.  Also, expect traffic Monday afternoon to be heavy.  Traditionally, the first work day after the time change is a busy afternoon commute.  Folks who have normally been driving home in sunlight will now be driving home in the dark after 6pm.  Since some aren't used to the dark drive, it tends to slow things down.