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Dad's Day gadgets for weather geeks, great outdoors | News

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Dad's Day gadgets for weather geeks, great outdoors

ATLANTA -- No matter what type of dad you have -- an avid golfer, a grill master, or just the type who likes to lounge around outside -- we canvassed the area to track down the perfect weather-related gifts for him, starting with a weather station.

When looking for a weather station for Dad, you want to consider several different things. For starters, many either plug into a wall or are solar powered, but you want to make sure it has a battery back up as well. You also want to make sure that it has a bright LED screen so you can clearly see all the information it puts on the front of the screen. Also, look for a wireless one that you can place anywhere in your home. They range in price anywhere from $10 for just simple indoor/outdoor temperature, all the way up to $200 for a really advanced model that measures wind speed, humidity, temperatures, rain totals, and records climate data. Many stores carry these, including Walmart, Target, Home Depot and Lowes.

For the grill master in your family who hates all the pesky bugs around, the perfect Fathers Day gift is the solar powered bug zapper. We found one at Home Depot for only $10!

Another great gift to get Dad is some clothing that already has SPF protection built into it. A lot of these shirts and shorts already have up to SPF 50 or higher. This way if Dad stays outside a little longer than planned or doesn't have access to sunscreen, he is covered! The other great thing is that many of these clothing items also have bug protection built in. Most hats range from $12 to $36, shorts range from $25 to $50, and most shirts between $30 to $50. Places like Dicks, REI, and Sports Authority carry the apparel.

For the dad that's always fixing things, especially in those tight crevices, a perfect gift is a flashlight, but not just any flashlight, solar powered ones. Depending on the battery life, most of these flashlights range from $7 to $20 and can be found at any home improvement store or camping store.

And for the real rugged dad, the type that likes to still be outdoors, even in all the elements, a necessity would be some waterproof and windproof matches so that you are still able to light that fire outdoors, even if it's pouring down rain, or you're right in the middle of a storm. We found a set from REI for only $6!

For the fishing enthusiast, there is the waterproof anemometer. Wind speed in any direction is very important when fishing, so a handheld anemometer is the perfect gift. Also, because it's waterproof, if it accidentaly falls in the water, you're covered! These range from $30 to $70 and can be found at Bass Pro Shops, Brookstone, Cabelas, and any other sporting goods store.

Finally for the dad who loves to golf, we have the personal lightning detector. It looks just like a pager and clips to your pants or bag. It beeps when it detects a lightning bolt near you and lights up to tell you whether it is less than six miles away, six to 12 miles away, 12 to 24 miles away, or 24 to 40 miles away. This gives Dad enough time to seek shelter before the storms hit! Most of these range from $60 to $75, but you can spend upwards of $100 for a really advanced model. Home Depot, Walmart and Sears are just a few of the places that sell these (but keep in mind, not many stores carry them in stock, and have to special order them).