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Everything You Want to Know About the "Supermoon" | News

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Everything You Want to Know About the "Supermoon"

Saturday was night.  The "supermoon" appeared!  We've had a lot of interest and questions about tonight's event.  So here is everything you would want to know about the "supermoon."

Definition: The supermoon is a moon that becomes full at the same time that it is closest to the earth.  Perigee is the term used for the moon at it's closest to the earth.  Saturday, the moon will beaome full and within the same minute, it will be at its perigee.

Important times: Here are the important times to remember:

    11:34pm-The moon reaches perigee.  The moon will be 221,802 miles away from the earth.

    11:35pm-The moon will become "full." The moon appeared full last night, however, it was only almost full!  It will become full precisely at 11:35pm.

    6:06am Sunday-Moonset in Atlanta.  Look to the western sky to see the moon set.  It again will appear larger as it nears the horizon.

I have attached some pictures that were taken last night of the "near full moon."  It was beautiful and bright last night.  It will be even larger and brighter tonight.  The moon will appear 14 percent larger and 30 percent brighter than normal.

Will we see it? Your chances are good that you will see some of the full moon.  We do expect only a few isolated showers that will come and go tonight.  There will be plenty of opportunities to get glimpses of the moon since it won't be totally overcast all evening.

Even if you miss the specific times above, the moon will appear full all evening and all night.  It will be hard to miss since the night sky won't be as dark as usual!