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Storms in Midwest Weaken as they Move East | News

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Storms in Midwest Weaken as they Move East

What a night.  I spent most of the evening Saturday watching these crazy storms in Oklahoma, Kansas, Nebraska and Iowa.  I saw some amazing live video of multi-vortex tornadoes in northern Oklahoma.  For the 24 hour period beginning at midnight Friday night/Saturday morning, there were 95 tornado warnings and 65 tornado reports in the midwest.

Overnight, the risk is still high for those areas, but the storms will gradually begin to weaken.  Some of the ingredients will begin to disappear Sunday.  There is still potential for severe thunderstorms and some isolated tornadoes Sunday in Louisiana, east Texas, Arkansas, Missouri, and Illinois. 

The storms will weaken even more as they get closer to Georgia.  We will have some rain as early as Monday night, then a few thundershowers Tuesday.  We don't expect they will be severe.