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Twister's fury caught on surveillance cameras | News

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Twister's fury caught on surveillance cameras

MORGAN Co., Ky. (NBC) -- The violent EF-3 tornado that ripped through Morgan County, Kentucky one week ago was caught on several surveillance systems across the area.

"It's scarier to watch this video than it was to be in the basement," said Randy Risner, who was taking cover inside his house while his security cameras were rolling. "It's the closest thing to Hell on Earth that you'd ever seen."

The image goes from an eery calm to what looks like a scene out of a Hollywood blockbuster, with trees pulled from the ground, a car being moved around, and pieces being torn from a house.

"We feel real lucky," said Risner. "We're a lot luckier than a lot of people."

The surveillance cameras at Clinic Pharmacy were also on, capturing a customer riding out the storm in the parking lot, while the roof was torn off of a nearby building.

"It sounded like a train, but it's like 100 trains at one time," said David O'Quinn, a pharmacist at Clinic Pharmacy who saw the video for the first time Friday and rode out the storm nearby. "I was just in shock, like, I don't think I could process it at the time."

Both Risner and O'Quinn hope others who see the video will realize just how powerful these tornadoes can really be.