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LOCAL PROFILE: Indie Film Scene

LOCAL PROFILE: Indie Film Scene

ATLANTA, Ga. – Atlanta has come to be known as the home of young professionals, performing arts professionals and indie artists. The city that was once a breeding ground for hip-hop trends has become a haven of the aesthetic arts and artists alike.   

Recently, while searching for this thriving indie artist scene in the city that is home to large-scale Tyler Perry Studios, I stumbled upon a “somewhat dormant” subculture lying low in the middle of town; it’s Atlanta’s Underground Art scene.

Just like movie buffs, members of world want to claim they were the first to see the most recent and popular cult indie films, films like “Reservoir Dogs” or “Requiem for a Dream”. Well, in Atlanta, artists can experience that excitement by visiting their local independent theatre. These theatres in most cases, have been around for 20 years, or more, are home to many of the most artistically gifted and innovative people in town.