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Thursday forecast

We are in between fronts right now which will allow us to enjoy one more dry day.  As the first front has a stalled out to our south a stronger front is on approach and should move in on Friday.  This will increase the threat for showers and thunderstorms during the afternoon and evening hours which may wreak havoc on our evening commute!  The weekend will be unsettled as that same front pulls up stationary across central Georgia.

Is Your Tree Safe From Storms?

Is Your Tree Safe From Storms?

Georgia is known for its abundance of trees, and for many homeowners, large, mature trees in their yard were one of the selling points. But Mother Nature doesn't spare these trees, so what can you do to protect them?

(1) There are pruning techniques to lessen the wind resistance in the tree. Such as pruning the broken and crossing branches, and thinning out the overall number of branches.

(2) "There are cabling techniques that where you're bracing limbs together that might be structurally weak, but you can still preserve the tree," explains Chris Heim, Davey Tree & Lawn Care District Manager.

(3) Lightning protection systems can be put in trees to help them be protected from lightning strikes. This way, if lightning strikes the top of your tree, it follows a copper wire along the side of the tree and directs the current safely down into the ground

Atlanta Weather | Wednesday Evening

Short Term

There are a series of waves at the upper levels that will continue to give us clouds throughout the night which will keep temps in the lower 70's. Tomorrow we will be on the north side of a stationary front that will move back in our direction, it could spark one or two showers but for the majority of us we will stay dry. Highs will be in the lower 90's with partly cloudy skies.

Towards the Weekend

Friday a strong cold front for this time of year will move through bringing us a very good chance of showers and a few t-storms Friday afternoon and evening. The front will push through Saturday morning giving us a nice day on Saturday with highs in the mid to upper 80's. As the front begins to back back up Saturday night the chance of t-storms will go up late Saturday night and especially Sunday for the first part of the day.

Still a Slim Chance For a Few Showers Tonight

Still a Slim Chance For a Few Showers Tonight

There is slim chance that some showers that are in AL this afternoon could hold together and make it into the western sections of the state by later this evening. As the showers are approaching the state they are running into a bit more moisture and instability. Most models do not have the rain, but there is a weak disturbance that I can see on water vapor that could pop a few showers later on this evening. The next chance of rain this week will be on Friday when a powerful front comes down from Canada... I will have more on that on the 6pm news.


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Wednesday Forecast

After a grey, foggy start to our Wednesday we will see a Mostly Sunny afternoon as a frontal system passes through the Atlanta area.  Northwesterly winds behind the front will usher in a drier more comfortable airmass.  Moisture will begin moving back in by the end of the week with a 60% chance of showers and thunderstorms as we wrap up the work week on Friday.  This weekend we will still have a chance for showers and thunderstorms as another cold front sweeps across the state.

Atlanta Weather | Tuesday Evening

Short Term

A small lingering wave is firing up a few showers and t-storms mainly south of the metro area this evening, some could contain brief heavy rainfall. Out to the west there is a strong wave at the upper levels that is heading in this direction that could bring us a chance of rain in the morning, by the afternoon we will clear out the clouds and see highs topping out in the 80's.

Friday and the Weekend

We are looking towards the weekend where we will be seeing the chance of rain increase as a strong cold front for this time of year will move into the state. The best rain chances will be Friday afternoon and evening and some of the storms could be severe. Saturday, as of right now, looks like it will be partly cloudy with temps in the 80's.

New Tornado Data Analyzed

New Tornado Data Analyzed

Scientists from the VORTEX2 group which chases storms to be able to study and understand them better may have uncovered a new key for trying to determine which storms produce tornadoes before they actually formed. This new key piece of evidence is actually linked to something that isn't normally associated with tornadoes.....light rain. Normally supercells, the ones capable of producing tornadoes, are filled with very heavy rainfall and ice. However, as seen in the image below, taken from the VORTEX2 data, there is a ribbon-like area of light rain and small raindrops inside the thunderstorm supercell that spawned the tornado.