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Atlanta Weather | Flash Flood Watch Today

Atlanta Weather | Flash Flood Watch Today
A very slow moving cold front will drop into the area today, bringing more showers and thunderstorms. Some of the storms will drop some heavy rain and frequent lightning. A half inch to an inch of rain possible. As much as 2 inches possible in some localized areas. A Flash Flood Watch will remain in effect through tonight. With so much rain, and ground already saturated, it will not take much rain to cause flooding and for some trees to fall.The good news in the forecast is that the front should move far enough south that we will dry out for the next two days. 

A "Chilly" Weekend Morning Coming

A "Chilly" Weekend Morning Coming

The coolest air in quite some time is heading down in this direction and it is going to send parts of N Georgia into the upper 50's for overnight lows. No, I am not talking about Atlanta, we will be seeing overnight temps for Friday night into Saturday morning into the mid 60's. But in the mountains like Clayton, Blue Ridge, and Ellijay they could see temps in the upper 50's by early morning!! Highs Saturday afternoon will be in the mid 80's with low humidity as well!

Storms Rolling in from Tennessee

Storms Rolling in from Tennessee

There are some big pre-frontal storms that are moving in from TN tonight that contain very heavy rain, gusty winds, and intense lightning. At the last check the storms had 1900 strikes in 15 minutes. Although these storms have increased a bit in intensity and might even pulse up a bit more in the next 15-20 minutes, I expect them go go through a major weakening trend as they drop south. There are 3 main reasons:

#1 Look below at the chart labled "Cape", this is instability and you can see that it goes way down as it gets closer to the metro area. This will allow those storms to weaken.

#2 Upper level winds are garbage, and they converge over the metro area.... in English what this means is the winds slow down as you go towards the south in the mid levels. That means through conservation of mass the air must go down, limiting storms from getting stronger.

Atlanta Weather | Wednesday Forecast

Short Term

A strong cold front for this time of the year will be heading down into the metro area tomorrow during the early afternoon that will be bringing the rain chances back up. There will be a slight chance to see some severe weather during the day as there will be plenty of instability and a small amount of upper energy!

The Weekend

Ok, how long has it been since we have had a dry weekend. This weekend might be the first in a very long time for that to happen. This cold front will be dropping to the south and some drier air will usher in from the north. This will be bringing our overnight lows back down into the 60's, and our daytime highs into the lower 80's!

Chantal dissipates into tropical wave

ATLANTA -- As of 5pm today Chantal was officially downgraded to just a tropical wave. The National Hurricane Center spent all day flying around looking for a center of circulation, but could find nothing! 

TRACK THE TROPICS | Interactive radar 

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Forecast for Remnants of Chantal

The remnants of Chantal are taking some serious shear on the western side and is really losing all identifiable characteristics of a tropical storm.  The latest visible satellite shows almost all t-storm activity dying, and whatever low level circulation that was there yesterday is now gone.

Severe T-Storms Across Parts of the Metro This Afternoon

Severe T-Storms Across Parts of the Metro This Afternoon

Severe storms have popped up across parts of the metro area this afternoon during the heat of the day. There is a cold front to the north across parts of the midwest that will be dropping south over the next 2 days that will help to focus some of the moisture that is pooled across the region. We can expect strong to severe storms today across the entire area, then more tomorrow. The should settle down once the sun goes down. They will be moving from the North to the South. The main threat will be wind and some small hail.

Georgia Power offers a new way to track power during storms

ATLANTA -- Georgia Power rolled out a new interactive Outage Map on Wednesday to its online storm Center, where customers can access information during severe weather.

Georgia has seen its share of storms lately, as recent storms have impacted thousands of residents across the state. A spokesman for Georgia Power said the new Outage Map will help customers find out when crews are likely to restore power once it goes out.

The Outage Map will show updated information every ten minutes, showing the latest outages caused by severe weather, traffic accidents and other activity. When using the outage map, triangular-shaped icons indicate outages. Users can zoom in and focus on that area in detail, as well as by zip code and county, the spokesman said.