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Atlanta Weather | Changes As Hurricane Season Gets Kicking

Atlanta Weather | Changes As Hurricane Season Gets Kicking
Extreme weather events caused $110 billion in damages in 2012 making it the second costliest year on record, according to NOAA. Superstorm Sandy caused the brunt of that cost, resulting in approximately $65 billion dollars in damage.This year, as Atlantic hurricane season ramps up, NOAA is implementing a few big changes. Below are the ones that could affect you as we enter the peak of the season: 1. Enhanced Computer Power Will Allow for More Precise ForecastsThe National Weather Service (NWS) underwent a major upgrade to their supercomputers this year that more than doubled their computing capacity. According to the agency, this has made them twice as fast in processing computer models, and will allow them to provide more accurate forecasts further out in time.

Incredible Trees Covered in Spider Webs!!

Incredible Trees Covered in Spider Webs!!

The incredible and eerie image you are looking at above is a tree covered in spider webs in Sindh, Pakistan! In 2010 they had massive floods in that part of the world that dropped 10 years worth of spiders in one week and filled all the rivers, streams, and lakes past capacity. The water stayed well above the ground for over a week and forced all the spiders to seek higher ground!! With all the spiders having to live in trees, this was the result for almost every tree in that village!! Wild huh? Look below for more pics!

Atlanta Weather | Tuesday Forecast

Over the next few days our rain chances will be going back up across the area as we go back into that NW flow pattern. Rain chances will be highest Wednesday through Friday.

Atlanta Weather | Wet Summer Continues

Atlanta Weather | Wet Summer Continues
 For many areas of the East, this summer will be remembered for being more than unusually wet.It has been a busy summer for showers and thunderstorms from parts of the Mississippi Valley to the Atlantic coast, including Atlanta, which has resulted in record rainfall in some locations and there is still just shy of a month of meteorological summer to go.Here in Atlanta, we have not broken a yearly rainfall record, but with only 4 months left in the year, it is likely that we will exceed our yearly average of roughly 50 inches. (currently at 45.80 Inches).But records are breaking in other places like Philadelphia with close to 25 inches of rain, shattering the old record of 24.58 spanning June, July and August of 2011. The site also recently set their wettest calendar day on record.

Monday Atlanta Weather Outlook

We hit 90 degrees for a high temp Sunday.  That's only the 8th time so far this year that we have been at 90 degrees or above.  This is also the first weekend since the end of June that both weekend days have had 0.0" of rain at the official rain gauge at Hartsfield-Jackson!

We will have only a 20% chance of showers on Monday.  The rain chance goes up a little more Tuesday through Thursday up to 30%.  Then, we will have a 40% chance for some showers for Friday-Sunday.  High temps each day will be near 90.  They will hover around 89-90 each afternoon.

First Dry Weekend Since June 30th!

First Dry Weekend Since June 30th!

This is the first weekend since June 30th that both weekend days have received 0.0" of rain at the official Atlanta rain gauge!  I looked back at the records and confirmed that we've had some pretty soggy weekends this summer.  We came close to no rain last weekend with only a "Trace" recorded at Hartsfield-Jackson.  But before that, our weekend rain totals have been impressive.

Here's a look at some of the numbers.  June 29-30th was the last weekend with no rain in Atlanta.

7/6-1.12"         7/7-.14"

7/13-.01"       7/14-.03"

7/20-1.45"     7/21-.59"

7/27-T           7/28-0.0"

8/3-0.0"          8/4-0.0"

Sunday Atlanta Weather Update

We started off with a few more clouds around this morning with mild air in the low 70s.  We will see some sun breaking through those clouds at times today.  The rain chance is low.  Just a 20% chance of an afternoon isolated shower developing.  High temps will be near 90.

Pretty much the same outlook for Monday.  Partly cloudy and hot with a high of 90.  Only a 20% chance of an isolated shower.  The rain chances go up to 30% for Tuesday through Thursday.  Even better chances for a few showers on Friday and Saturday.

High temps will be around 89-90 degrees each day this week.