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Saturday Atlanta Weather Update

Saturday started with muggy conditions.  Relative humidity was in the 90% range.  The moisture content in the air sticks with us tonight.  The heat and humidity mixing together will bubble up a few scattered showers this afternoon and early evening.  Our high tops off at 90.

We continue this pattern for the week ahead.  We have just some subtle differences in our rain chances.  We will be going back and forth with 30-40% chances for rain each day.  We will also have highs each day in the upper 80s to lower 90s.

Supercell Thunderstorms

Supercell Thunderstorms

They are the biggest of all the thunderstorms on the planet, they are known simply as supercells and they always mean business. The ones you see in all of the pictures here are mainly in  the plains and most of the time they are responsible for massive hail, and sometimes they produce tornadoes. 99% of the tornadoes that happen in the US are birthed from supercells. They are massive thunderstorms that go up to around 65,000 feet in the atmosphere and the entire thing is rotating due to winds changing directions as you go up in height. The reason they sometimes look like massive mushroom clouds is due to the explosive nature of how they are created.

Atlanta Weather | Weekend Forecast

Tonight - Partly cloudy, warm and very humid. Overnight temps will fall into the mid to lower 70's.

Tomorrow - Partly cloudy with highs in the lower 90's. Chance of rain will be around 20%.

Just 1 inch away from a year's worth of rain in Atlanta

Atlanta is just 1.14 inches away from getting a year's worth of rain.  We are only 8 months into the year.  We've picked up 48.54 inches of rain so far this year.  Our average yearly rainfall total is 49.68".  This will be only the second time in the past 8 years that we will end the year with a rainfall surplus.  That's assuming we will get at least 1.14" of rain between now and the end of the year!

Take a look at some of the numbers that I researched this morning of the dry years.  The only other year in the past 8 years that we've had a surplus was in 2009.  That was the year of the September floods.  Just last year, we were more than 1 foot below average.

2012- 37.03"        12.65" rainfall deficit

2011-39.23"         10.45" rainfall deficit

2010-48.15"           1.53" rainfall deficit

Friday Atlanta Weather Update

We started off very mild and muggy this morning.  Temperatures were in the 70s with the relative humidity near 100%.  We will see the sun breaking through the clouds at times today.  In the afternoon, there is a 40% chance for some showers to develop.  Temperatures will top off at 88.

The rain chance stays at 40% for Saturday.  We trend the percentage down just a little on Sunday and Monday to 30%.  There really won't be much change in our soupy atmosphere for the next few days, so the chance for afternoon showers will persist.

The warm air also persists.  We will have high temps each day near 90.

Atlanta Weather | Friday Forecast

All of the Atlanta metro area is under a flash flood watch through the rest of the night, however I see a major change int he pattern that we have seen over the last few days. For the meantime the rain chances are going down tonight, as a matter of fact I think that by later tonight we will only see a few showers around the metro. There are a ton of meteorological reasons for the change tonight that I will explain below, but the one thing I see is that all the storms that are firing tonight are moving from the SE to the NW. So as these storms move NW, they will weaken and die. Ok, what's the change?

Upper Atmospheric Sprites

Upper Atmospheric Sprites

Ok, everyone know about regular lightning, but have you heard of the upper atmospheric kind called sprites?? You can see by looking at that picture above that is is very wild looking with orange and red tentacle looking things hanging down. These are all electrical discharges that affect the upper levels that is caused by what is happening with regular lightning down at the surface. It isn't exactly known why sprites occur, but here is what we do know: