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The Mystery of Sailing Stones

The Mystery of Sailing Stones

It looks like any other rock in the middle of the desert, the one big difference is what you see behind it. Yes, those are tracks left behind by the rock.. The problem is that this is in the middle of Death Valley, CA where there is virtually no life at all. What you are looking at above are what are known as Sailing Stones and there are a few places in the world that have them, the most famous of them all is a place called Racetrack Playa, a dried up lake bed in the middle of Death Valley. When you come over the ridge line of this barren tundra you will see that the playa is littered with these rocks and their trails, some of them almost 1000 feet long.

Atlanta Weather | Tropical Heat

We have had 5 named storms so far, and as we head toward the active part of hurricane season it looks like more will be on the way. In fact NOAA’s Atlantic hurricane season outlook shows that. Peak season runs from mid-August to early October. The latest update calls for an additional 9 to 15 named storms, 6 to 9 of which are predicted to become hurricanes, and 3 to 5 of those reaching major hurricane status. Among the climate factors behind the heightened activity? Heat. These maps from NOAA show the tropical cyclone heat potential of the tropical Atlantic Ocean ramping up between May 24 (bottom) and August 4 (top).

Atlanta Weather | Tuesday Forecast

Tonight - Cloudy skies with overnight lows falling into the mid to lower 70's. There is a slim chance of a t-storm.

Tomorrow - Mostly cloudy with scattered afternoon showers and storms. Highs will be in the mid 80's and rain chances will be 30%.

Officials: EF-1 tornado touched down in Heard Co. on Sunday

(WXIA) -- The National Weather Service says a strong EF-1 tornado briefly touched down Sunday evening in Heard County.

The storm prompted a tornado warning for portions of Heard and Carroll counties for about an hour early Sunday evening.

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Winds from the tornado topped out at 105 mph, and it ran for about a half-mile near the town of Ephesus in Heard County.

National Weather Service survey crews said the storm was on the ground for less than two minutes and caused roof damage to a mobile home and damage to numerous trees in the area along Upper Caldwell Road about two miles northwest of Ephesus.

No injuries were reported.

Atlanta Weather | Average Rainfall Reached

Atlanta Weather | Average Rainfall Reached

We did it. We have reached a years’ worth of rain and it is only August!  This past weekend’s rainfall pushed us over the top, reaching 50.43 (48.68” is the average). The rainy summer has caused mudslides, road collapse, and numerous trees down. But that’s nowhere near the amount of rain that we received in 2009. We received close to 70 inches. And in recent years, we topped the average in 2003(52.90), 2004(53.60), and in 2005(56.43).
The lowest in the past 18 years was 2007(31.85), the year of a severe drought.

Sunday Evening Atlanta Weather Update

As of Sunday night, we are now just three-tenths of an inch of rain away from getting a year's worth of rain in Atlanta.  We picked up just over a quarter of an inch of rain Sunday.  So far this year, we've had 49.38" of rain in Atlanta.  Our average rain total for an entire year is 49.68".  With more rain moving in overnight, we could reach that milestone by Monday morning.  If not tonight, then we will probably do it Monday.

Our rain chances go down a little to 40% on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.  With the rain chances going down, the temperature will have a chance to move up.  We will move back to the 80s for the first part of the week.

It will be drier by the end of the week with temps warming to near 90.

1 Half Inch Away from A Year's worth of Rain in Atlanta

We could reach a weather milestone today!  We are just a half inch away from receiving a year's worth of rain in Atlanta.  The annual average rain total for Atlanta from Jan-Dec is 49.68".  That's how much rain we receive in a typical year.  So far this year, we've picked up 49.11".  That's just .57" away from a year's worth of rain.

We could go over that total today.  Some computer models are predicting close to an inch of rain today.  We will watch the totals and let you know when we reach that milestone.

The rain chances will go down a little for the rest of the week.  We go down to a 40% chance for showers Monday and Tuesday, then a 30% chance on Wednesday and Thursday.  Drier and hotter air will be here for the end of the week.